Supplementary information on the statement of cash flows

Changes in operating assets and liabilities

In CHF million   2013   2012
Trade and other receivables   178   135
Inventories   8   (16)
Other non-financial assets   7   135
Trade and other payables   (172)   (31)
Provisions   (16)   (34)
Other non-financial liabilities   119   (48)
Defined benefit obligations   (20)   (180)
Total changes in operating assets and liabilities   104   (39)

Other cash flows from financing activities

In 2013, other cash flows from financing activities aggregated CHF 12 million (prior year: CHF 12 million). This relates mainly to payments in connection with hedging contracts and the commitment fee for the guaranteed credit limit.

Non-cash investing and financing transactions

Additions to property, plant and equipment include additions from finance leases amounting to CHF 10 million (prior year: CHF 8 million). As a result of changes in the assumptions made in estimating the provisions for dismantling and restoration costs, a reduction of CHF 19 million, net was recognised in property, plant and equipment (prior year: CHF 42 million). See Note 23.